Shortly after disclosure, we agreed that we would file for divorce.  We would love our son and raise him together.  But we could not live well with one another.  This week the divorce will be final and a new chapter will begin. The last year has been gut-wrenching and joyful and everything in between.  

But today is the beginning of a new year. Today I am grateful to be on this side of the last ten years.  Today I am stronger.  Today I am more me than I have ever been.  Today I am loving a toddler who amazes me constantly and reaches my heart in ways I did not think possible.  Today I am getting along with his father, softening and forgiving.  Today I am thankful for this hard and lonely and wonderful, joyful journey that has been and is my life.  

Today I choose to live and to hope and to open my heart.  


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